Organization Training

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Online Training FAQ

1. What is a token?
Tokens are given to organizations that purchase the online training. They are for distribution to employees/students to grant them access to the online training and certification test.

2. Where can I find my tokens?
Login to your organization account and click "View your account/tokens".

3. Do tokens expire?
Individual tokens expire 30 days after purchase.
Bulk Purchase Tokens expire 1 year after purchase.
Once redeemed by the individual ALL tokens expire after 30 days.

In-Class Training FAQ

1. Do I need to purchase the DVD kit?
If you wish to facilitate the in-class training you must purchase or have previously purchased and be in possession of the DVD kit in order to purchase the certification kits.

2. Do I fill out one coversheet per test?
Only one coversheet per batch of tests is required when submitting tests for marking and processing.

3. How long is the in-class training?
We generally recommend setting aside 3-4 hours to facilitate.

4. Who marks the certification test?
All tests must be sent to Smart Serve office unmarked. After processing, certificates and retake tests will be mailed to you for distribution to the participants.