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Smart Serve supports and takes part in initiatives across the province designed to promote the responsible use of alcohol and compliance with the Liquor Licence Act. Beyond training and testing, Smart Serve supports other aspects of responsible alcohol service awareness, from continuing education for licensees to educating the broader public, including youth.

Examples include:

  • Participating in alcohol awareness events at Ontario post-secondary institutions.
  • Supporting the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police in their annual Campus Communities Campaign designed to bring public awareness on the importance of responsible serving and drinking practices.
  • Participating in the RIDE program each holiday season and Drive Safe program each summer.
  • Providing a minimum of two scholarships at every college and the two universities in the province of Ontario that have hospitality and tourism programs.

Broader support
Ontario Tourism plays a vital part in adding to the overall economy of our province. A healthy and vibrant tourism sector means more jobs for the hospitality industry. The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance Association are two very dedicated organizations promoting and increasing tourism revenue for Ontario. We are very excited and proud to support their efforts promoting Ontario as a tourism destination onto the global stage.

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