Special Occasion Permits

When do I need a Private Event Permit Special Occasion Permit?

If you are planning a special event anywhere other than a private place, or an establishment with a liquor licence and wish to serve alcohol you will need to apply for and obtain a Special Occasion Permit (SOP).

Private Event SOPs are for occasional events for invited guests only, such as a birthday party or wedding. The event cannot be advertised to the public. As the holder of a Private Event SOP, you cannot run the event withthe intention of profiting from the sale of alcohol at the event.

Applications for SOPs are available at LCBO stores or on the AGCO's website at www.agco.on.ca.

Important: As a permit holder, you are personally responsible to ensure that alcohol is sold and served responsibly and according to the law.




Ask guests ahead of time to volunteer as designated drivers

  • Let them know you'll serve alcohol-free drinks
  • Remind volunteers that DD's don't drink and drive
  • Thank them for helping to keep our roads safe

Recognize the signs of intoxication in your guests

  • Fast/slow/loud/slurred speech
  • Physical clumsiness or lack of alertness
  • Tiredness, red eyes or heavy eyelids

Explore the options

  • A sober companion to get the guest home safely?
  • A friend or relative to call to pick up the guest?
  • Public transportation available?
  • Money for a taxi?

Provide help to prevent drinking and driving

  • Provide taxi numbers or public transit schedules
  • Offer to make calls for them to find a safe ride home
  • Invite them to stay overnight
  • Match them with a designated driver
  • Thank them for not drinking and driving