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About Us


Our mandate is to support the industry in their endeavours to ensure responsible alcohol service is aligned with public safety for the good of our communities. We continue in our efforts to ensure that the message of responsible alcohol consumption is understood by the broader public including university and college students. Through education, state-of-the-art training, open dialogue and strategic partnerships, our primary goal is to be an active participant in helping to change the culture and behaviour of all who engage in the sale, service and consumption of beverage alcohol.


The following Values support all the programs, decision-making and initiatives of Smart Serve Ontario.

Integrity  Operate honestly with, and respect all the people we engage with in building trusting and valued relationships.

Innovative  Ensure ongoing program development and delivery innovation via continuous improvement, use of best practices and outcome measurement.

Our People  Value our staff and volunteers as key contributors to the work, success and positive impacts of Smart Serve Ontario.

Strategic Alliances  Actively engage in strategic alliances that meaningfully contribute to the quality, reach and performance outcomes of our programs and initiatives.

Accountability  Be accountable to our stakeholders and partners for the decisions we make, our effective use of resources, and the outcomes achieved.


The following Mission Statement was developed for Smart Serve Ontario:

We are the leader in responsible and affordable beverage alcohol training and certification for a safer, healthier Ontario.


The following Vision was developed for Smart Serve Ontario:

To be recognized as the leading responsible Beverage Alcohol Service Training Provider.