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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Smart Serve Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program.

Getting Started

My work/school gave me a token, how do I use it?

From your homepage click on the “Redeem Token” button, then enter the token number.

Can I start work before I complete this training?

By current law, all licence holders have 60 days to ensure that all managers and servers are Smart Serve certified. However, in some instances you might be asked to complete the training prior to that.

Please note: Effective July 1, 2017 this grace period will be eliminated.  All employees of liquor licensed establishments will be required to be Smart Serve certified prior to their first day of work.

Is there an expiry date on the Smart Serve certificate?

No. Currently, Smart Serve certificates do not expire.

Does the AGCO accept certificates from other provinces?

No. At this time, Smart Serve is the only program approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) as a valid server training program for the Ontario hospitality industry.

Do I have to live in Ontario to sign up for this course?

No. You can take the training from anywhere in the world.

Is there an age restriction for taking the course?

This training can be taken at any age; However, an individual must be 18 years of age or older to serve, sell or handle alcohol in Ontario.

What is the cost for the online training?

The online training is $34.95 (plus HST) for a total of $39.49.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Amex and pre-paid credit cards. Some of the pre-paid cards must be activated first. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the back of the card first.

How long is this course?

It takes approximately 4 hours to complete the entire training.

Do I have to complete the training in one sitting?

No. You have 30 days from purchase to complete it.

What is the passing grade for the final test?

The passing grade is 80%.

How many attempts at the final test am I allowed?

For each purchase you get two (2) attempts at the final test.

What happens if I fail both attempts?

You will be required to re-purchase the training at the regular price.

Is the final test open book?

No. The online test must be written without the aid of a workbook or notes.

Is there a time limit for the final test?

No. However, on average it takes approximately 30 minutes to write the final test.

Do I have the opportunity to review the course material before the final test?

Yes. You can review the course material as many times as you wish before writing the final test.

Can I print the workbook online?

No. If you purchase the workbook it will be sent by mail.

How quickly do I get the certificate number after I pass the test?

It takes up to 2 hours after the final test is submitted for the system to notify you of the results.

How do I find my final test score?

The final score is revealed to you on screen right after you submit the final test.

Can I print the certificate before the card arrives in the mail?

No. At this time we do not offer a printable version of the certificate.

How long does it take for the certificate to arrive in the mail?

You must allow up to 3 weeks for the certificate to arrive by mail.

I don’t want to complete the training online, what are my options?

For a list of in-class sessions click here

Is the training available in other languages?

Yes. For a list of available language options click here

Do I need any special programs or settings on my computer to take this program?

This program is Flash based and will not work on mobile devices, including tablet computers.

Before you begin the training you need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

For detailed information on how to turn off the pop-up blocker please click on the link which best corresponds with your browser.


Internet Explorer



Can I use someone else’s card to pay for the online course?

Yes you can. However, be sure to create the account under your name. You will have the opportunity to enter the credit card holder’s information before you make the actual purchase.

Do I need to purchase the workbook?

The workbook is designed as a reference tool for future use. You do not need to have the workbook to complete the online course.

What is a token?

Tokens are given to organizations that purchase the online training. They are for distribution to employees/students to grant them access to the online training and certification test.

Where can I find my tokens?

Login to your organization account and click “View your account/tokens”.

Do tokens expire?

Individual tokens expire 30 days after purchase. Bulk Purchase Tokens expire 1 year after purchase. Once redeemed by the individual ALL tokens expire after 30 days.

Do I need to purchase the DVD kit?

If you wish to facilitate the in-class training you must purchase or have previously purchased and be in possession of the DVD kit in order to purchase the certification kits.

Do I fill out one coversheet per test?

Only one coversheet per batch of tests is required when submitting tests for marking and processing.

How long is the in-class training?

We generally recommend setting aside 3-4 hours to facilitate.

Who marks the certification test?

All tests must be sent to Smart Serve office unmarked. After processing, certificates and retake tests will be mailed to you for distribution to the participants.

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