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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Smart Serve Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program.

Retail Alcohol Sales Training Manual

What is the Retail Alcohol Sales Training Module?

The Retail Alcohol Sales Training module is designed to ensure that grocery store and manufacturers’ retail store employees understand their individual responsibilities and obligations under the current Ontario liquor laws when selling or serving alcohol to the general public.

Who needs to complete this module?

  • Designated employees of an authorized retail store who sell or handle alcohol
  • Manufacturers’ representatives and staff at on-site and off-site manufacturers’ retail stores that are involved in the sale, service and sampling of alcohol

Do I have to re-do the entire Smart Serve course again?

No. If you currently hold a valid Smart Serve certificate you have the option to access the Retail Alcohol Sales module only. Those not yet certified under Smart Serve will be required to complete the entire Smart Serve Training program, which includes the current content as well as the new retail training.

What is the cost for this module?

Valid Smart Serve certificate holders can access this module at no cost directly from their online account.

How long is this new module?

It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete this module.

Can I access this module on a mobile device?

No. A desktop or a laptop computer is required.

Do I have to complete this module in one sitting?

No. You can work at your own pace as long as the module is completed within 30 days of activation.

What is the passing mark?

This module has one final quiz. The final quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions and is designed to test your knowledge only. You are required to complete the quiz only once.

Is the final quiz proctored?

No. The final quiz in this module is not proctored.

Do I get a new certificate number after completing this module?

You will be issued an updated version of your current certificate number. The new version will contain a “RS” suffix. (e.g. If your current certificate number is (e)010102030405, the updated number will be displayed as (e)010102030405RS).

How long does it take for the updated certificate to arrive?

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for delivery.

Is this module available in a paper version?

No. This module can only be accessed online.

What if I don’t have an online account?

You are required to create an online account first. To create an account, return to the Homepage of this site and click on the “Register” button and follow instructions.

How do I access this module from my online account?

Before attempting to access the module, be sure to allow the flash player in your browser settings.

  1. From your online account, select “purchase now” in the “Purchase Training” bucket.
    2. On the purchase page select the “Retail Alcohol Module” and then “Start Now”.
    3. If necessary, update your shipping information.
    4. Choose the language option, and click on “Continue to Course”.
    5. Work at your own pace and when ready, complete the final quiz within 30 days of enrollment.

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