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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Smart Serve Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program.

Risk Management

How do I set up a responsible house policy for an establishment?

Information for creating a house Policy and Procedures can be found under the “Resources” section under “Managers’ Library”.

Can patrons walk around a restaurant with their drinks?

As long as patrons keep their drinks restricted to the licensed areas, they may walk around with their drinks.

When is it okay to ask customers if they are driving when they have been drinking?

Using the “Chat & Check” method taught in the online training, we suggest casually asking your table when they order their first round of drinks if anyone will be driving later; this way you can tailor your service to that information.

Am I allowed to confiscate the keys of an intoxicated person?

Anyone who engages in serving or providing alcohol to patrons/guests must ensure that no over service takes place. In the event that a guest does become intoxicated and insists on driving, it is your legal duty to do everything in your power (within reason) to prevent that individual from getting behind the wheel; even if it means calling the police.

Under the BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) endorsement, can a customer open their own bottle of wine?

No. Only Smart Serve certified staff can open and serve alcohol in a licensed establishment.

Can I be held liable for accepting fake ID?

Yes, it is your responsibility to be able to identify a fake ID and to ensure that everyone you serve is of age.

Can I accept an expired driver’s license as a proof of legal age?

No. The ID must have a valid expiry date.

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