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Incident Reports

An incident report is your record of a situation that has occurred within your establishment and how it was handled. It is important to complete an incident report while details are still fresh in everyone's mind as it may be used as evidence if the situation becomes a legal matter.
  • An Incident Report should be completed when:
  • An intoxicated guest is refused service
  • A minor presents false ID
  • A guest becomes violent or a fight breaks out
  • Any time a guest is asked by staff to leave
  • You arrange transportation for an intoxicated guest
  • A liquor inspector visits your establishment
  • A guest has an accident or becomes ill
  • Police are called

An Incident Report should include:

  • The date
  • The time of the incident
  • Information on what happened
  • List of servers on duty
  • Manager on duty
  • Name of guest (physical description if name not available)
  • Type/style of clothing
  • Attitude
  • Condition of guest (note signs of intoxication if applicable)
  • Details about other guests in the party
  • Witnesses (their name and address if possible)
  • Information on whether the guest was driving
  • Photocopy of guest's sales slip or guest check
  • Steps taken to ensure safe trip home (i.e. alternative transportation)
  • If false ID was provided, how was it handled?
  • Details of any police involvement
  • Any other important details
  • Follow-up information that relates to the situation.

An Incident Reporting Log may be purchased from Smart Serve by those registered for an Organization account or through the order form found in the organization training section.