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Ongoing Training

Keeping safe alcohol service top-of-mind with your staff and your customers should be a top priority for your business. Here's how you can ensure that everyone shares your on-going commitment:

Keep on top of changes to alcohol-related legislation.

When you applied for your liquor license, you likely learned about the laws that apply to alcohol. However, there may have been amendments and revisions since that time.

Take the time to check in regularly with the AGCO and Smart Serve websites and subscribe to any publications or newsletters that provide updated information on requirements and changing legislation.

Make sure that any changes to legislation are shared with your entire staff by:

  • Posting updates on the staff bulletin board
  • Reviewing at staff meetings
  • Asking each staff member to read the updates and sign-off that they have read it.

Add a safe alcohol service message to your pre-shift huddles or staff meetings.

A great way to keep safe alcohol service front and centre is to remind staff about it every shift. Take the time to come up with quick reminders, tips and information that you can share at staff meetings and pre-shift huddles.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Review the signs of intoxication before the shift
  • Discuss the alcohol content for different types of drinks
  • Share a recent court case or AGCO decision from the AGCO website
  • Ask staff to share any challenging situations from the previous day and how they handled it
  • Play one of the DVD role-plays from the Smart Serve training or watch one of the Smart Serve Moments videos and ask staff to decide how they would handle it
  • Choose a topic from the Smart Serve program (i.e. Roles and Responsibilities, using the BAC Charts) and review with staff
  • Have staff role-play a particular situation (i.e. an intoxicated or aggressive guest) and how they would handle it

Provide staff with yearly Smart Serve refresher training.

Many of your staff may have taken their Smart Serve training months – even years – ago.

Organize once-a-year Smart Serve refresher course that uses components from the Smart Serve training to keep all your staff up-to-date on changes to legislation and ideas for ensuring safe service.