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Risk Assessments

Under the Occupier's Liability Act, you have a duty to ensure that your establishment is reasonably safe. The Occupier's Liability Act says:

  • Licensees must be alert to the risk caused by serving alcohol.
  • Even situations that would not generally be considered dangerous require extra attention if intoxicated guests could be exposed to them.

Alcohol-related occupiers' liability cases address three situations:

  • Conditions of the premises
  • Conduct of staff/guests on the premises
  • Activities that are permitted on the premises

Risk Assessments can help you to identify these potential risks, prevent problems from occurring and help you avoid legal action.

Review the Liquor Licence Act and its Regulations.

By taking a look at the Liquor Licence Act you can ensure that your policies meet or exceed the minimum standards. It can also help you develop or adapt your policies and procedures to focus on areas of higher risk. Areas that affect staff and guest safety should be a top priority.

Make it a team effort.

Choose a few key staff members to help you conduct the Risk Assessment so you can be sure that nothing gets missed.

Update your Assessment on a regular basis.

Like any workplace, the risks of your establishment can change over time.

Update your Risk Assessment document on a regular basis.

Conduct an Assessment every six months or more often if there have been any major changes to staff, policies or procedures.