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Your Role & Responsibilities

As a Manager, you have a responsibility to your guests and your employees to provide responsible alcohol service. Here's how you can create a responsible service culture within your workplace:

Management Commitment

As a Manager, your employees view you as a role model, and look to you for guidance and support.

Walk the walk by following the same policies, procedures and standards that you have taught to your employees.

Back-up staff decisions of stopping service to any guest that they feel is intoxicated. This shows that you respect and support their efforts.

Clear roles and responsibilities for employees.

All employees must be Smart Serve trained before they can serve alcohol in Ontario. However, simply having a Smart Serve certificate is not enough. It's up to you to ensure that any employee that you hire has a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities, and has the skills and knowledge to provide safe service.

Safe service orientation

First impressions mean a lot. When you make safe service a focus of your orientation, you let your new employee know that you take it seriously. See Orienting New Employees for tips and strategies on how to make sure your employees have the skills to succeed.

Clear policies for serving and selling alcohol. Goal statements and House Policies are proactive tools that can help keep your establishment safe for guests and employees.

Take the time to develop and share clear guidelines and standards for your establishment.

See House Policies for detailed information about these tools.

Strategies for monitoring guests and preventing aggression.

To be successful, you and your staff need to know how to prevent intoxication, and understand the intervention steps to take if a problem situation arises. See Preventing Fights and Aggression for more information.