Replacement Cards

Lost or damaged cards can be replaced by purchasing a replacement card at a cost of $10 (HST incl.)

Replacement Cards

Option A: Submit via Mail or Fax

  1. Download the replacement card form
  2. Complete & print the form
  3. Mail or Fax the form to Smart Serve with payment

Note: Due to the latest PAYMENT CARD SECURITY STANDARDS (PCI) we are unable to accept credit card payments via email.


Option B: Submit Online

Step 1: Login or register for a online profile. tool tip

Step 2: Establish if your account has been validated. tool tip
If it has, proceed to "Purchase" and disregard step 3.

Step 3: If your account has not been validated return to "Replacement Cards", submit the Profile Confirmation Form and follow instructions.

How do I know if my account has been validated?

Once you have logged into your profile check out your "Training Status" on the chalkboard. If it says "Smart Serve Certified" then your account has been validated and you can proceed to "Purchase".